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Document Services

Swears & Declarations

There is a standard fee for Oaths, Swears, Statutory Declarations, Affirmations and Statements of Truth:

We charge £5 for the primary document and then £2 for each exhibit/attachment relating to the primary document.

Certified Copy Documents

Our charges are:

Certified copies of ID papers such as passports, driving licences or utility bills are charged at £24 including VAT.  

Certified copies of Lasting Powers of Attorney charged at £36 including VAT.

Independent Legal Advice re Mortgages, Legal/Equitable Charges

We are happy to provide independent legal advice, but we need to meet with the individual requiring the advice on their own, we need proof of their identity, and we need to see all relevant documents before we can give such independent and full advice.  Without all these basic aspects, our advice cannot be truly independent.

Our charges are based on our time but start at £90 inc VAT

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