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Probate & Estate Administration

Dealing with someone’s estate can seem overwhelming. It is an emotional and stressful time for those left behind, but there are practical steps that need to be dealt with such as registering the death, etc (see our Practical Guide to Probate).

A valid Will appoints Executors to deal with the estate from the moment of death. Without a valid Will no-one can deal with the estate until their authority has been confirmed by the Probate Court. Executors and Administrators have various duties to the beneficiaries of an estate. It is therefore extremely important that you make sure that you have the most recent Will or confirm that there is no valid Will in existence.  A search with Certainty, the national Wills database, is a basic first step in estate administration. 

If you are a Beneficiary of an estate:

  • Remember that estate administration is slow, relying on communications from third parties e.g. ‘bereavement centres’
  • Executors or Administrators have a duty to you and ALL the Beneficiaries.

It may not be necessary to obtain a grant of representation (see Small Estates). However if the deceased owned shares, property or an interest in property then a grant of representation will be needed to transfer, sell or otherwise deal with these assets.

At Rogers Legal we will be as involved or uninvolved as you need us to be, we understand it’s a difficult time. We are here to help not to make things harder.

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