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Court of Protection

The purpose of the Court is to ‘protect’ the vulnerable and those unable to manage their own financial affairs or health matters.

Looking after the finances or welfare of someone else can be daunting. Those responsible for the money or health of others are usually called Deputies or (occasionally) Receivers. If you are responsible for the money or health of someone else and need to consult the Court of Protection from time to time - we can help.

There are various applications that can be made to the Court of Protection (COP) and these will change over the course of someone’s life. The most common applications are usually for Statutory Wills or Codicils if a Will is not already in place or is inappropriate; Deeds of Variation to amend what would ordinarily be received – usually for tax planning or for the protection of assets; Trust applications this is usually where the applicant is a co-owner/trustee of an asset and someone else is needed because the applicant can no longer act due to a loss of mental capacity; and gifts and tax planning issues this is one of the most common applications made.

If you are concerned that there are no powers of attorney in place for someone but they need help with their financial affairs or with their welfare, then an application for Deputyship should be considered.

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