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Berkshire Trustees Limited – Trustee and Executor Services

Berkshire Trustees Limited (BTL) offer free professional services to the clients of Rogers Legal Limited – that is to say that Berkshire Trustees Limited do not charge for their appointment as your trustees or executors.

BTL engages the services of professionals to give them appropriate advice including the services of Rogers Legal as their solicitors. This means that the trusts and estates administered by BTL are charged for the services of the professionals, such as Rogers Legal or other professionals such as accountants.

BTL will not charge for the time and effort that they put in as your trustees, they will however pass on the costs from other professionals that give them advice, for example:

  • • Rogers Legal may charge BTL for legal work, such as the preparation of trustee resolutions 
  • • Accountants may charge BTL for the preparation of trust accounts; 
  • • Financial adviser may charge BTL for the advice that they give regarding investments 

Rogers Legal treats BTL the same as any other client - there are no hidden charges or additional costs simply because Berkshire Trustees Limited are the sole executor or trustee. This is a service for the clients of Rogers Legal.

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Berkshire Trustees Limited is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. SRA Number 612421