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Berkshire Trustees Limited

At Rogers Legal we offer our clients the additional services of Berkshire Trustees Limited, our sister Trustee Corporation.

Berkshire Trustees Limited can act as Deputyships for Property and Financial Affairs, more particularly:

  • Berkshire Trustees Limited can be appointed as a Deputy for Property and Financial affairs and will not charge for being appointed in this role. 
  • Berkshire Trustees Limited will engage the professional services of Rogers Legal to deal with any work in much the same way as any client would engage Rogers Legal for legal services. 
  • There are no hidden or additional charging differences made by Rogers Legal if you use Berkshire Trustees Limited. 
  • There are no charges from Berkshire Trustees Limited for acting as a Deputy, just certainty that you have the continuity of a Trust Corporation.

Berkshire Trustees Limited only act as professional trustees, executors, attorneys or deputies for the clients of Rogers Legal.

Please contact Trudy Rogers on 01635 569670 or email on for further information about how Berkshire Trustees Limited can help you.

Berkshire Trustees Limited is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. SRA Number 612421