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Reduce the risk of your Will being contested. 

In the next 10 years £1.3 Trillion will pass from one generation to the next by inheritance.  In addition 1 in 3 Britons are relying on their inheritance to pay off debts they have already accrued, or to make their financial plans actually happen - to boost their retirement, pay off their mortgage, buy that car/boat they've always wanted or the conservatory you've always promised yourself.  This generation is the first generation with an 'expectation' of inheritance. So what happens if you don't get what you are expecting? 

There are any number of ways that someone can be disappointed in their expectation from an estate:

  • the lack of a Will so reliance on the intestacy rules;
  • no provision for that beneficiary in the Will;
  • blended families of second/third or more families;
  • increasing dementia so Wills are not made or updated or resources are used up in nursing home fees.

What do these disappointed beneficiaries do? With the average value of an estate being £250,000 it's worth trying to attack the Will isn't it? 

The purpose of making a Will is that you decide how you distribute your estate. However, the decisions that you make when you create your Will need to be appropriate for today, tomorrow and for the future.  It is a freedom of the English Justice system that anyone can contest a Will or make a claim to an estate, even though there are only specfic grounds to validly contest.  However, it is important that you have your Will professionally prepared because the best evidence to rebut any claim against your Will or your estate is your own 'testimony', what you actually intended and what you actually wanted to happen.  A professionally created Will follows your instructions whilst offering the best protection againgst anyone wanting to contest your Will on any basic or procedural irregularities.  

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