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Attorneys & Executors - P4ssword$ & privilages

We live in a world of passwords, codes and security levels on our phones, our computers, our credit and debit cards and all for the purpose of keeping us private and protected.  We carry this information in our heads or in our 'little book' so it is safe.  However, what happens when we cannot carry this information any longer or forget where we put our little book? 

The purpose of appointing an attorney is that when we need help and support they are already in place to assist us.  In order to make our attorneys particularly useful we need to ensure that they have all the relevant powers and information available to them.  If we want our attorneys to manage our on-line accounts, to have access to our computers and financial records then we need to give our attorneys specific powers in our lasting powers of attorney.  Giving our attorneys additional powers in the lasting power of attorney document make it easier for banks and other financial institutions to have confidence that your attorney can have access to your passwords and privileges.  If our attorney accesses our personal data having been given specific powers then our attorney is not comitting any fraud or misuse of our information - which is obviously important for our attorneys as well.

This is the same with the executors of our Wills. It doesn't take much to write a separate letter of wishes to deal with our 'on line legacy' so that our executors know how to access our digital life.  It's important that our executors can sensitively close down or move information that is held about us on line after we die.  It's also important that our executors can show third parties a copy of our letter of wishes confirming our thoughts and instructions.

Whilst we need to protect our lives with 'P4ssword$' and codes or grant privileges at various levels, we have to understand that we may become vulnerable and plan accordingly.  The key is to plan and be prepared.  Lasting powers of attorney and a good Will are always the best way to plan for you and your family.

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