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Make a Will - Keep it Simple


  • How do you feel about someone else deciding which of your relatives will deal with your affairs after your death - like it's none of your business?
  • How about Social Services deciding what is best for your children if they have no other living parent?
  • How would your husband/wife feel about sharing ownership of your family home with your kids once they've reached 18?
  • How would you feel about sharing the ownership of your family home with your husband's/wife's kids once they've reached 18?  How well do you get on?
  • How long have you lived together but never married? - You don't have the same rights as a "spouse" registered civil partner, widow or widower.

If you don't like the look of any of these statements then change them in a simple way - make a Will.

Do you want to appoint the right guardians for your children, or make sure their money is protected? - MAKE A WILL.

Worried about your money going to a "new partner" after your death and your kids getting nothing? - MAKE A WILL.

Show that you care what happens to your family, your friends, pets and your business - MAKE A WILL. - it couldn't be simpler!

If you want to take control, contact Trudy Rogers on 01635 569670 or email for our Will Pack.  It's your Will and your way.