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Wills for second families

It is important when second families come together that they are represented: their similarities and differences respected so on the death of the first parent, their family and step-family are left in harmony and not in conflict.

A Will is the last chance to connect with family and friends. It is an opportunity to bring any unrest to an end and at Rogers Legal, we work with you to build flexibility into your Will that may at worse appease everyone and at best leave both families with a comfortable feeling as to how the estate has been distributed.

Important aspects to be considered include:

  • Guardianship for the children, depending on their ages and ensuring there are sufficient funds for younger children to finish education.
  • A Trust may be appropriate to deal with the family home to allow occupation of the property by the surviving partner until certain conditions occur – such are remarriage, cohabitation or the youngest child reaching a specified age. 
  • Using Trusts for part of the estate is another way of protecting assets and then passing these on at an appropriate time. 

Wills for second families often need to concentrate on little details because these can cause the most upset. Considerations such as making sure the personal possessions and effects from a first marriage or relationship pass to the correct beneficiaries can make all the difference as to how an estate is administered.

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