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Simple Wills

It is important to have a Will, no matter how complicated or simple it is. Making a Will shows that you care. A simple Will is better than no Will, the rules of Intestacy are not always fair and so it is more important to have a simple Will that has something in place to protect and provide.

The purpose of a Will is to:

  • Give certainty to those that you leave behind – you decide who has control and how you wish your assets to be distributed.
  • Appoint executors to deal with some assets immediately without needing the authority of the Court. If you do not have a Will your estate needs Administrators appointed by the Court before they can deal with your assets.
  • Stop the rules of Intestacy taking over  – you decide how your estate is distributed and take care of those who might otherwise be forgotten.

A Will is needed if you want to distribute your estate as you want; if you want to decide the guardians for your children, if you want to make sure that your partner, spouse or registered civil partner inherits specific assets or if you want to make gifts to family and friends.

The national Wills register keeps a record of the whereabouts of your Will, it's aptly named Certainty because it is exactly what it gives to your beneficiaries. We register all our Wills with Certainty so that our clients have proof of the whereabouts of their Wills.

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