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Mirror Wills

The most common type of Will between couples is a ‘Mirror Will’ whereby the provisions of one Will are simply reflected in the other. For example appointing each other as executors; leaving your estate to each other and then on second death leaving your estate to the same beneficiaries. Your Wills are mirrors of each other they are NOT mutual (see Mutual Wills).

Most couples choose to make Mirror Wills on the basis that they have decided between themselves what they want to do with their ‘joint’ estate. They have decided what will happen when the first of them dies and then what happens when the second of them dies, who should receive their estate between both sides of their families.

Whilst the Wills may mirror each other, it is clear that each person has their own Will dealing with their own individual assets – even though the provisions may reflect those of their spouse or partner. This also means that after the first death, the survivor can change his/her Will – which could include all of the assets from the estate of the first spouse or partner.

Just because you are in a relationship it does not mean that you must have a Mirror Will, your Will deals with your assets the way that you want – It’s your Will, your way!

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