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Wills with Trusts

There are many reasons to create Trusts in a Will – such as delaying a gift to children until they reach a certain age. Trusts in Wills allow the Trustees to take control of the assets and deal with them in accordance with the provisions in your Will.

Trusts can be used to

  • Protect beneficiaries inheriting too much too early 
  • Allow a beneficiary to enjoy the income or use of the assets for a specific period whilst preserving the main value to pass on to the eventual beneficiaries – for example giving part of the estate to your partner ‘on trust’ for their life and on their death the assets pass to the eventual beneficiaries (e.g. your children) 
  • Protect assets for a vulnerable beneficiary, perhaps with power to make discretionary payments of income or capital 

Trusts are useful in Wills as they offer flexibility and protection. You can instruct the Trustees if you want to state the destination of an asset or give guidance for flexible trusts to assist the Trustees in their decisions.

There may be tax consequences for the inclusion of trusts within Wills and this depends upon the type of trust that you choose.

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