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Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) - Our Charges

The Office of the Public Guardian ('OPG') has reduced the Court Fees for registering a Lasting Power of Attorney from £110 to £82 and in future repeat applications are reduced from £55 to £41.  This relates to applications from 1st April 2017.  The Court fee reduction makes the documents even more essential as part of your long term planning.

To help keep Lasting Powers of Attorney accessible to our clients, Rogers Legal have decided to keep our prices low as well:

  • £350 plus VAT plus the Court fee of £82 for ONE Lasting Power of Attorney (either Finance OR Welfare) for a single individual;
  • £600 plus VAT plus the Court fees of £164 for TWO Lasting Powers of Attorney (Finance AND Welfare) for a single individual;
  • £950 plus VAT plus the Court fees of £328 for FOUR Lasting Powers of Attorney (Finance AND Welfare) for a couple. 

We also provide you with 2 certified copies of each document once registered as part of our fee and store the original documents free of charge.  You can use the certified copies with third parties whilst keeping the original documents safe. 

We tailor the documents to suit you and your financial/family circumstances.  We can offer you various options using clauses that we have personally experienced as accepted through the Courts .  You may have investment or property issues or business and other assets to be considered. If you have clear views about how and where you want to live, then the Lasting Power of Attorney document is the perfect forum for your thoughts and wishes, powers or restrictions. 

The whole purpose of the Lasting Powers of Attorney are to give your voice to your attorneys at a time when you may not be able to communicate your wishes for yourself.  The documents empower your attorneys on your behalf - they are important to retain your independence.

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